XLerate Course curriculum Year One:

  • Overview of Jewish Philosophy, particularly the 13 Principles of Judaism put forth by the Rambam and the major issues that branch out from them.
  • The Mesorah – the 40 generations from Moshe until Ravina and Rav Ashi
  • Overview of the laws of Shabbos: Avos, Toldos, and major principles
  • The 613 Mitzvos – the main Halachic issues contained within them and where they could be found in the Talmud Rambam and Shulchan Aruch
  • Overview of Seder Moed and the main principles alluded to in the Mishnayos.
  • Overview of Seder Nezikin and the main principles alluded to in the Mishnayos.

XLerate Course curriculum Year Two:

  • Overview of Seder Nashim and the main principles alluded to in the Mishnayos
  • Derech Hashem of the Ramchal with additions and embellishments from all his other books.
  • The Drashos – what they are and what their guidelines are.
  • Understanding the Talmud: The sources it is based on and the system of the dialectic.
  • The principles of the laws of Kashrus:
    • Basar B’cholov
    • Taaruvos
    • Hagalas Keilim
    • Chometz on Pesach
    • Kelalei Horaah – The system for arriving at a Halachic decision when there are varying opinions.

4 Hours a week – 2 years

Gain an internal “filing system” for all the Torah you will ever learn!