U’faratzta – 5784 Sabbatical Project

(תשפ”ד) תהא שנת פריצת דרך

Sabbatical Project

To spread Torah throughout entire US & Chronicle Important Rabbinical works.

Over the decades that Hashem has given me the privilege of being from amongst the יושבי בית המדרש ומרביצי תורה I was, and continue to remain, privileged to have done groundbreaking research and have produced fundamental Chiddushei Torahthat address age old questions and deal with the most fundamental ideas in Torah that will greatly benefit Klal Yisroel and enrich our Torah heritage for all generations.
Therefore, I am announcing the ופרצת Project, a 13-month Sabbatical which has commenced already in this Holy month of Elul.  During these months, I will be traveling throughout the USA to spread Torah, saying Chaburos on the advanced ideas to Bnei Beis HaMedrash and to present seminars on the ideas meant for the wider public.  After the refinement and crystallization of presentation, the ideas will be put in writing מורשה קהילת יעקב.
The intended Seforim include:
  1. Reissuing the original אבן שתיה על הי”ג עיקרים להרמב”ם as in the 18 years since it was originally published, I have many new ideas to add.
  2. Translating the Even Shesiya on the 13 Ikarim and adapting it to a much wider audience, including those who were not privileged to have a Yeshiva education, whilst not diluting the academic integrity and intensity. This is the material that is being presented around the USA in seminars to Rabbis, Kiruv Professionals, Baalei Teshuva, collegiates, and (as of yet) totally unaffiliated Jews.
  3. A revolutionary work decoding the order of the Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvos and what could be learned from it in contrast to the order of the משנה תורה.
  4. חידושים וביאורים על השורשים בפתית ספר המצוות והשגות הרמב”ן
  5. Finishing collating my material on the Chumash (to date I have only put out on Breishis in the volume called “מחול השולמית “, that I put out לעילוי נשמת אימי מורתי ז”ל.

Sponsorship Opportunities for all the Seforim include:

(only one available for each Sefer)

Dedicate the Edition $18,000

(only one available per sefer)

Sponsorships for Presentations include:

I thank you all for your support for this great project!

וחפץ ה’ והצליח בידינו