U’faratzta – 5784 Sabbatical Project

(תשפ”ד) תהא שנת פריצת דרך

Sabbatical Project

To spread Torah throughout entire US

& Chronicle Important Rabbinical works.

Sponsorship Opportunities for all the Seforim include:

(only one available for each Sefer)

Dedicate the Edition $18,000

(only one available per sefer)

Sponsorships for Presentations include:


Other Donation Opportunities

Ner Tamid – $180

Sponsor Rabbi Bechhofer’s Ner Mitzvah – $360

Benefactor – $7500

Corporate Sponsorship of Tirosh Wine Tasting Event – $10,000

Private 2023 Tirosh Wine Tasting Event Sponsorships

Sponsor The Even Shesiya Republishing (Newest Edition) – $18,000

Sponsor our social media management campaign – $36,000