$180 Recommended Donation

$360 Couple Donation

$500 Gold Sponsorship 

$750 Platinum Sponsorship

Parsha Sheet sponsorships

$700 – Parsha

$6500 – Chumash

$30000 – Year

L’Kvod or Zechar Nishmat ($180)

Have a shiur said in the zchus of a loved one, with their name mentioned at the beginning – and have their zchus repeat every time the class is downloaded and heard.

Hour of Learning ($360)

Dedicate an hour of HaRav Bechhofer’s personal lumdie kodesh.

In Depth Research ($750)

Dedicate deep, intricate learning in whatever subject you wish.  This is a particularly powerful way of being machaper an area in which one is working on doing tshuvah in.

Shiur ($540)

HaRav Bechhofer will research and deliver a shiur in whatever subject you wish, and then have the shiur given over exclusively in their merit. This would be particularly meritorious thing to do on the yahtzeit of a loved one, with Rav Bechhofer speaking on a subject important to the deceased. 

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