In response to the Israel-Hamas war, we are undertaking a unique and in-depth limmud into rare, advanced Kabbalistic texts for the merit of our chayalim, that they should be victorious and completely eradicate all threats and return home safely from protecting Am Yisrael from the inhuman barbarism of Hamas.

Thank You for joining this project to protect our troops

We will be covering the following texts in this important project

The sefer Reishis Chochma is an all time “Kabbalistically oriented” ethical classic “that every page of it adds to a person’s YIRAS SHAMAYIM”  (I heard that from the mouth of my Rebbe  Rav Yaakov Weinberg ZT”L the Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Israel) written by the 16th century scholar Rabbi Eliyahu de Vidas, a talmid of Rav Moshe Cordevero (the RaMaK) and is based largely on the ZOHAR.

Me’ulefes Sappirim is a compendium of Mussar lessons from the ZOHAR collated and translated into Hebrew by Rav Shlomo Nissim Algazi (1610 – c. 1683) who was rabbi in Smyrna and in Jerusalem in the 17th century. He was a prolific writer on all topics of rabbinical literature, and won distinction by his treatment of Talmudic hermeneutics and methodology.

The Algazi family is one of the most distinguished families in the Sephardic Torah world. Rav Shlomo’s many distinguished descendants included his grandson, R’ Shlomo Algazi, Chief Rabbi of Cairo for 45 years; R’ Yisrael Yaakov Algazi, rabbi in Yerushalayim; and R’ Yom Tov Algazi, Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim, whose work on Tractate Bechorot is printed in the standard Vilna edition of the Talmud.

Thank You for joining this project to protect our troops

Zera Shimshon – Written by Rav Shimshon Chaim Nachmani, a  huge Torah scholar and kabbalist who lived in Italy in the 18th Century. Born in Modena, his father, Nachman Michoel, arranged for him to initially study with the local rabbi, Ephraim Cohen Lipshitz, his maternal grandfather. He subsequently studied in Mantua with its rabbi, Abiad Sar-Shalom Bazilla, author of a work named “Emunat Chachamim.” Later on he studied Kabbalah in Reggio with its rabbi, Benjamin Alexander HaKohen Vitali.

Ordained, he initially moved to Mantua, becoming a local teacher, subsequently returning to Modena to both teach and lead a congregation. He died childless and he considered his books his children. There are many accounts of miraculous salvations for all those who study his work. A true “Segulah” for all good things!