Accelerate – Creating the next generation of Torah Leadership.

Where students bond and form a tight chevra through fun and engaging social activities, whilst developing skills to be proficient in delving deeply into classical Torah texts, and develop a deep, meaningful, and life long drive to live a Torah life.

Learning to Learn 

Torah is what sustains the Jewish people, and those who choose to go deeper in their learning, and take classical texts outside of the box, will be set on a lifelong path of a unique devakas Hashem, needed by the future leaders of klal Yisrael.

The Ability to Ask Anything

Torah is the definition of truth, and has something to say about EVERY subjects. Great Torah teachers can field any and all difficult questions. Accelerate Students are encouraged to speak whatever is on their minds. Nothing is off-limits just as There’s no subject disconnected from Torah. 

For those who grew up seeing Judaism as a series of dry and often empty rituals, or who were told there were certain questions one couldn’t ask, it can be a revelation to find a drench haLimud that brings their Torah alive. Students confront all the issues that modern Jews must face, and can discuss them in depth intelligently.

Acquire a Rav

Accelerate’s leader, HaRav Yochanan Bechoffer is a world class, personable, multi-talented, and engaging Torah personality. His deeply intelligent style and unique examination of the texts leads to profound, life long connections with his students.