Bereishis, Chanukah, Asara B’Teves (מחול השולמית)

מחול השולמית: Bereishis, Chanukah, Asara B’Teves  The book of Bereishis is not about history, it is about destiny. This book of Bereishis puts in our hands the Torah of the elemental forces that run through destiny, lays down the trends in human civilizations, and most importantly is the genesis for…

The Month of The Mighty (ירח האתנים)

ירח האתנים: The Month of The Mighty The Biblical name for the month of Tishrei is ירח האתנים Which means ‘the month of the mighty’. The Gemara explains that this month is ‘mighty in mitzvos’: shofar Yom Kippur Succah Lulav Arava and Nisuch HaMayim (Rosh Hashanah 11a; Rashi there) Each…

Hashem’s candle for Man

נר ה’ לאדם – Hashem’s candle for Man  Deep philosophical discourses on the holiday of Shavuos with a rare manuscript being published for the first time of a medieval commentary on AkdamosThe manuscript was deciphered,cross referenced, and clarified by Rabbi Zecharia Holzerthis is a special edition in memory and as…

The Aura of Spring (זיו האביב)

זיו האביב: The Aura of Spring Deep Philosophical discourses on the month of Nissan, Pesach, Haggadah, The Days of the Omer, Pesach Sheni, and Lag B’Omer. This volume includes a never before published manuscript of the Kabbalistic commentary on the Haggadah of the great medieval Spanish Kabbalist Rabbi Shemtov ibn…

Chanukah – Vessels for Infinite Light

All, Chagim, Chanukah If you’re viewing this on a portable device, such as a phone, and are having difficulty playing the shiur, then try the below YouTube version.